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Design IT has a wide assortment of products to better serve your challenges and market needs.

Checklist Manager

Create powerful and robust checklists in minutes and track how your team utilize them and get early warnings about potential problems that impact your business.

  • Configure dynamic checklist templates and share them with your team
  • Ensure your team is completing the latest and greatest checklists
  • Enable your team to respond to checklists through a mobile friendly interface


Organizations can manager critical operations faster and more accurately to make better informed decisions that make a real impact.

  • Rapidly gather the right intelligence through smart checklists
  • Increase accountability within your team by assigning ownership of tasks
  • Collaborate more effectively by allowing Criitk to streamline objectives and communication

Data Historian

Be in the loop when reliability and uptime are crucial to running your business operations. Design IT's Data Historian provides you with much needed visibility into performance and efficiency.

  • Gather analog and digital readings such as temperature, valve positions, limit switches, and more
  • Receive alerts such as out of limit and return to normal signals
  • Aggregate data such as average, standard deviation, process capability, and moving average

Document Manager

Take away the complexity of document control with the ease and accessibility offered by Document Manager. There is flexibility to connect with multiple cloud providers to pool your important documents in real-time.

  • Find the right documents easily by storing them in a secure and central place
  • By more organized by adding a self-configured set of descriptors to your documents
  • Share documents easily with your team and external contacts with complete audit history

Drill Core Manager

Managing a high volume of drill cores in remote regions throughout mining operations comes with many challenges. Drill Core Manager makes it easy to gather, analyze, and report this information in real-time.

  • Get real-time visibility into the drilling program through data visualizations including maps, charts, graphs, and more
  • Track and monitor extracted drill cores through a configured Care, Custody, and Control process
  • Streamline the drilling program by making permit information more accessible to the team


A Learning Management System (LMS) designed to help teachers, counselors, and administrators identify and help the students who are highest at risk. IndSight is an action-oriented product that is used across school districts to enhance student education.

  • Track and monitor key leading and lagging risk indicators to help students get the right help
  • Quickly and accurately generate Form 1701 to ensure that proper funding takes place
  • Record and report information additional information related to students' needs

Electrical Instrumentation Design System

Dive into details on your assets including parts, spares, motors, MCC buckets, cables, instruments, and equipment. This product uses a highly integrated approach to help your team connect the dots with your physical resources whether your team is building a new site or conducting crucial maintenance.

  • See a complete picture of all your assets in one view
  • Perform what-if analyses on changes to your infrastructure with a few clicks
  • Get the most out of your assets and find ways to reduce operating costs

Wyatt Production Ops

De-silo departments and improve productivity all while reducing costs. Wyatt can help integrate every aspect of your business from orders, inventory, logistics, finance, and more across multiple locations.

  • Streamline order management to optimize costs, production, and deliveries
  • Manage a large and complex inventory across multiple warehouses
  • Make better informed decisions based on the real-time operational status of your business

Custom Solutions

Can’t find a solution that meets your needs? That’s not uncommon for many of our customers. Contact us today to share your requirements and we’ll be happy to sit down with our in-house team of industry experts, solution designers, development team to build a suitable solution for you.

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